Game “Reaction”

The exhibit is a stand with buttons that are highlighted during the game, and demonstrates that a person can not act immediately after the sound signal, but requires a certain time-reaction time. The exhibit is[…]

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Using 15000 movable rods, each of which is in the “locker”, we can create any convex shape. Protective plastic sticks are extremely pleasant to the touch. For children, they are a source of bright tactile[…]

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Endless parking

Images of infinite space are a surprise not only for children, but also for adults, and cause the corresponding wow! -effect. The exhibit demonstrates the phenomenon of geometric optics. Special hardened mirrors created using magnetron[…]

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Wave bath

This exhibit is called “Wave Bath”, and it is intended for model demonstrations on wave optics. The glass container, protected from all sides, is partially filled with water. In addition, several vibrators with independent control[…]

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Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s ladder with a voltage of 40,000 V was developed and installed by our team at the Landau Center training center of the Kharkiv National University named after VN Karazin in 2017, commissioned by Plarium.[…]

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