Laser harp

A unique musical instrument that resembles a harp,but instead of strings laser beams are used. Spread a hand on its invisible laser “strings”.

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«Strobe» fan

Press “Start” button and turn a regulator shaft. Soon you will see fan’s vanes “stopped”! It is due to an optical illusion called “strobe-effect”. Strobe effect is a phenomenon that occurs when a flashing light[…]

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Magnetic levitation

  The exhibit demonstrates how the figures are held in the air by the action of a magnetic field from a large ring magnet, as well as an alternating adaptive field from four small coils.

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One of the most impressive exhibits! Mirrors inside a giant kaleidoscope reflect light from hundreds of bright flickering lights on the ceiling and create the effect of repeated light compositions..

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Musical reels Tesla

The exhibit gives an opportunity to feel like a musical director of lightning, formed with the help of Tesla coils. By pressing the keys of the synthesizer connected to the coil system, you create lightnings[…]

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