Standing Wave

The exhibition shows a standing sound wave in the pipe. The audio frequency is displayed on the digital display, which is controlled by two buttons.

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Lever arm

The lever is the simplest mechanism, which has a fixed point of support and shoulders of the lever. Our construction allows even the smallest visitors to feel very strong and raise, using a lever, a[…]

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Interactive sandbox

This is exciting interactive geographical exhibit.It is great for explaining basic properites of topographical maps. Operating principle: Visitors form a “landscape” using special extender. Sensor scans the surface and sends an information to powerful computing[…]

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Laser harp

A unique musical instrument that resembles a harp,but instead of strings laser beams are used. Spread a hand on its invisible laser “strings”.

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«Strobe» fan

Press “Start” button and turn a regulator shaft. Soon you will see fan’s vanes “stopped”! It is due to an optical illusion called “strobe-effect”. Strobe effect is a phenomenon that occurs when a flashing light[…]

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