Demonstration exhibit “Corpuscle”

This unique device for molecular physics demostrations has been developed in Ukraine. We have a patent and publications, a correspondent page in Wikipedia. First stages of development of the device were done in “Physics teaching methodics laboratory” of Kharkiv National University under the direction of outstanding methodist prof. A.I.Pesin.

Operating principle

Each ball is a model of a molecule. The velocity and orderliness of “molecules'” movement can be adjusted with a correspondent shaft situated on a front panel of the device.
Thus, main aggregation states of matter (beginning from thermal movement of atoms in a crystallic lattice and finishing with chaotical movement of molecules in a gas) can be modelled.

Demonstration possibilities

The device can demonstrate a wide spectrum of phenomena. Possibilities of the device are wide enough to cover almost all course of school molecular physics.

  • Gaseous state:
    • thermal movement and molecules’ interaction;
    • cooling and heating;
    • pressurization and expansion;
    • equilibrium and inequilibrium states;
    • Brown’s movement;
    • dependence between molecule’s mass and its velocity;
    • condensation.
  • Liquid state:
    • vaporizing, boiling;
    • thermal movement and molecules’ interaction;
    • cooling and heating;
    • crystallization.
  • Solid state (crystal):
    • melting;
    • thermal movement and interaction of atoms in a crystal;
    • cooling and heating;
    • fragility of a crystal;
    • diffusion on a bound between two solid bodies;
    • dislocations in a crystallic lattice ;
    • sublimation and desublimation.

Enlightenment and science popularization

It’s an excellent popularizing exhibit that alows you to touch the science literally with your hands and get a lot of positive emotions regardless your age!

Recently the exhibit has been presented on international exhibition “Scientific picnic” in Warsaw.

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