Interactive sandbox

This is exciting interactive geographical exhibit.It is great for explaining basic properites of topographical maps. Operating principle:

  1. Visitors form a “landscape” using special extender.
  2. Sensor scans the surface and sends an information to powerful computing complex.
  3. Computer builds a 3D model, fills it with textures, forms an image and sends it to a projector.
  4. The projector fills the “landscape” with correspondent colorful textures.

It is happening in real time with real people:

This project has been deveoped due to coordinated action of many worldwide-known universities and science centres, the list is:

  • UC Davis’ W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES),
  • UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center,
  • Lawrence Hall of Science,
  • ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.

There are some additional possibilities:

  • a rain from someone’s hand,
  • flooding,
  • draining.

Technical information

  • dimensions (h х w х l) см: 213 х 113 х 86
  • interactive surface dimensions, см: 110 х 83
  • extender mass: 40 kg
  • power consumption: 220 V, 0,1А, 50 Hz
  • light flow, ANSI lm:3000


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  1. Під час пересувної виставки “Цікава наука” цей експонат викликав дуже велике захоплення у дітей та дорослих. Дякуємо за можливість бути ближче до науки! Ви -СУПЕР!

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