About us

We are a young Ukrainian team with a design bureau and our own production. We specialize in the development and production of modern, unique and quality educational equipment. We have the following composition of the team:

  • organizer-responsible person;
  • physicist-methodist;
  • design engineer;
  • electronics engineer;
  • microcontroller programmer.

We believe that every exhibit created by us should stir up the child’s thirst for knowledge, invite to the bright world of science. The physical phenomena being shown are presented in a simple and understandable form for the child. Our goal is to achieve this goal through the extensive experience of educational activities and the thorough scientific training of our team members.

Using the world experience

We pay much attention to both the history of creating educational demonstration equipment and the current implementation of educational interactive exhibits. During the last five years we have visited the 10 largest European centers and museums of science, among them: the Kopernik Science Center (Poland), the AXXA Science Center (Estonia), the NEMO Museum (Netherlands), the Spectrum Science Center (Germany) and others.

Implementation of production standards and advanced technologies

In the production of exhibits, modern principles of machine building are used. Before the exhibit comes to light, it passes through the following stages:

  • creation of a project and research of a scientific component
  • search and analysis of similar exhibits
  • discussion of the concept, statement of the technical task
  • computer simulation implementation
  • drawings, specifications, files for CNC machines, etc.
  • registration of production documents
  • production

Due to the well-coordinated work of a highly skilled team and the use of modern production technologies, it is possible to obtain quality products that are in line with the intentions and initial expectations.

Social and educational activities

We want children to believe in their strengths, develop their ability to science and feel attracted to it, have the opportunity to reveal their potential, set goals and achieve their goals. Therefore, we are actively involved in nationwide and international scientific picnics, and we are engaged in the popularization of science at various festivals.


Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv
Responsible for the project: Sergey B. Bychenko
Tel .: +38 (066) 475 58 26 (viber)
E-mail: 7192352@gmail.com